SR-15 CQB 11.5″ Upper Receiver Kit


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The ultimate complete upper kit, the SR-15 CQB 11.5″ upper has all of the features that makes Knight’s guns sought after. Featuring:

  • E3 bolt
  • E3 barrel extension
  • In house CHF CL barrel
  • Proprietary inline gas system
  • Properly weighted buffer for the KAC system

Note: This product is for the upper receiver assembly only. It is not a firearm.

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The SR-15 E3 MOD 2’s 11.5” chrome lined, 5.56mm NATO barrel is manufactured to military specifications. An improved E3 round-lug bolt design both enhances function and increases bolt life far beyond the industry standard. The 5.56mm 3-Prong Flash Eliminator interferes with propellant gas combustion forward of the muzzle to significantly reduce flash signature, will not ring upon firing or when struck, and is compatible with the KAC line of 5.56mm QDC Signature Reduction Device.

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions16 × 6 × 4 in


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